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"NEW 2018" BIG MAX Aqua Sport 2 Waterproof Cart Golf Bag - by Bill "The GolfFather" Cuebas

BIG MAX’s most successful cart bag, the Aqua Sport just received a variety of updates and I was able to use the new generation Aqua Sport 2 Cart bag featuring the BIG MAX i-Dry Rainsystem. I experienced something that is much more than a standard rain protection system and was actually unlucky when caught in the rain but lucky when I got to experience the protection it provided firsthand.

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The Spin on Indi Golf
by Bill "The GolfFather" Cuebas

After being introduced to the Indi Golf press release in November 2017 BiGG’s Golf Talk was fortunate enough to have General Manager, Rob Lang as a guest on the show. He expressed that he believes the new StingRay wedge is the best wedge on the market especially for the recreational golfer. Being able to meet Rob face to face at this year’s PGA Show allowed me to share in person my thoughts on the club that I had the pleasure of testing myself.

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Tour Edge HL3 Driver
by Bigg Jon Vic

HL3 technology delivers incredible forgiveness.  Variable Face Thickness technology provides more contact points on the face that provide better off-center hit distance. The Power Channel on the sole behind the club face is designed to deliver amplified ball speed and less spin, as well as added forgiveness on shots struck lower on the face. Additionally, a rear sole weight moves the center of gravity back deeper in the club head to create an easy launch that will fly higher and longer.

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Dog Leg Reaper Belts (Part 1)
by Bill "Golf Father" Cuebas

Every golfer knows that a huge part of the game is simply looking the part. Having an accessory like the DogLeg belt around your waist makes you look like the profesional golfer that you want to be.  With style and function you will both confident and comfortable on the course.

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TEC TEC TEC Rangefinder Review
by BiGG Jon Vic

The VPRO500 is waterproof that measures up to 540 yards within +/- 1 yard, helping you find the right distance to golf flags, trees, or hazards.  After one look through the premium, ultra-clear, multilayered optical lens, you’ll have a complete picture so you can take your golf game to the next level.

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Making Memories at Bay Harbor Golf Club
by Bill "Golf Father" Cuebas 

Nestled in the heart of the Midwest you’ll feel as if you’ve transported into the Scottish countryside but you’ll remain on the shores of Lake Michigan.  Bay Harbor Golf Club will allow you to experience an unforgettable golfing experience and so much more. The Links, Quarry and Preserve were designed to be three distinctly different courses but can be combined seamlessly into one incredible golfing experience.

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Sun Mountain Hybrid Jacket
by Bill "Golf Father" Cuebas

For 30 years, Sun Mountain has revolutionized the golf industry and made “performance first” the cornerstone of their outerwear line.  Although the weather in Florida tends to be more on the hot side there’s no lack of brisk mornings and pop up showers not to mention all my traveling to the midwest so when I was given the opportunity to test out the new Sun Mountain Hybrid Jacket I was thrilled.  The new hybrid jacket and vest are ideal for cooler days; maximize the warmth and still have a freedom of movement needed to play the game you’re used to playing.

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